Cork Evening Echo

The first tranche of the Evening Echo is now available 1896 - 1959 (1960 - Current coming soon) 

Launched as an evening newspaper in 1892 by Mr Thomas Crosbie the proprietor of the Cork Examiner. The presses used by the Examiner and Echo printed the First National Loan for the Sinn Féin Finance Minister, Michael Collins in 1919, leading to the British authorities briefly shutting down the paper. The I.R.A. later damaged the printing presses in 1920, which were subsequently destroyed by the anti-Treaty I.R.A. in 1922

For decades the Evening Echo had been connected to the "Echo Boys",who were poor and often homeless children that sold the newspaper

Original Newspaper Format:

Editor:  P.J. Kelly
Proprietor: Thomas Crosbie(1892-) Thomas Crosbie(1893 -)
Publisher:  Patrick Corcoban(Thomas Crosbie & Co 1900)
Printer: Patrick Corcoban(Thomas Crosbie & Co 1900)
Size:  59cm (1896); 63cm (1900)
Price:  1/2d (1900); 2d
Frequency:  daily
Illustration: b/w (pink paper)
Departments:  b/m/d, local and national and world news, sport, markets, parliament, law intelligence, law sessions
Orientation: conservative nationalist; Fine Gael; Catholic
This was a "sister paper" to the Cork Examiner, and it was also governed by the Crosbie family.
They tried to issue a Saturday edition of the Evening Echo, but it sold poorly. 

An Evening Echo (almost certainly unrelated) was also started in Dublin in Dec 1892.