Privacy Policy

Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd recognise the confidentiality of all information related to the billing and registration process. Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd agreements to maintain the privacy of our members as outlined below.

Specific Information

The only case in which information provided by our members in the registration/billing process may be given to a non-connected third party will be in the case of breech of agreement which may involve legal proceedings. In all case any information which can be directly connected to any individual will never be passed on to any third party.

Statistical Information.

Statistical information such as demographic information, geographic research and tracking user activity may be correlated from this website. This is to help us to identified user activity so as to improve the end service we offer our client. All this information will be disseminated in a collective manner so as no individual user can be identified. If the user objectives to this they may opted out via email.

  1. Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd will ask potential members both discretionary and non-discretionary information at time of registration. Further information may be requirement when Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd runs special offers or prizes
  2. The purpose gathering this information is to help us offer the user the best possible website. This information will also be used to enable us to notify the users of any changes to the website or offers of interest.
  3. This information will NEVER be sold on to a third party.
  4. Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd may require personal limited financial material to facilitate payment and membership requirements
  5. Personal information provided by the user is protected by the very strict privacy laws in Ireland

The user must be aware if they use Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd links to other sites any information provided by the user to that linked site is done so under the terms, conditions and privacy policy of that site. Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd may use this information for direct mailing purposes, this once again is optional and the user may decline to receive direct mail from Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd by contact us.


IP Addresses:

Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd will use IP address in operations with our servers and administration of the website. The IP address will also be used to gather board demographic information. Cookies may also used with this website. These Cookies CANNOT used to extract information from hard-drives but only recognise information disclosed to use at the time of registration/billing. The purpose of the cookies are to recognise the user each time they enter the website such the user those not have to duplicate process each time they log-on.

Advertiser Cookies:

Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd may post third party advertising banners on the website. These cookies are controlled by the third party advertisers and will only be activated if the user clicks on these banners.

Contacting the Website

If you have any queries with regard to above, require clarification or have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.