Punch or The London Charivari Magazine 1844 - 1925

Established in 1841 by Mr Henry Mayhew and Ebenezer Landells this satirical and humorous British magazine offered the people at the time a refreshing new view of Britain’s cultural and political landscape. Edited by Henry Mayhew and Mark Lemon the magazines masthead/title was borrowed from the anarchic glove puppet, Mr. Punch, of Punch and Judy. The magazine’s first few years were difficult with low readership and in 1845 Mayhew left. In 1842 the Punch magazine was purchase by Bradbury & Evans. Using the latest in high production printing technologies they were able to capitalise on reaching a larger audience.
The Punch was published for over 160 years and finally ceased to publish in 2004.

Punch or London Charivari Magazine Orientation:
Satire / Humour