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Irish Newspaper Archives is now offering Ireland’s school system a gateway to Ireland’s rich historical past. Teachers and students can search, retrieve, and view over 6 million pages of regional, daily and out of prints newspaper titles spanning a period of 300 years from 1738 to current.

For the very first time students can read historical events as they unfolded in the national press. This incredible resource will allow students access to research information from a primary source. The classroom environment will benefit from the broad range of titles from regional, daily to out of print.

To view our publication list please visit :  Titles

Schools Membership Package: 
- Unlimited access to title content 
- Unlimited user access through any PC equipped with a web-browser 
- Direct IP authentication 
- Access to any content uploaded to the site during the membership term 
- Users can search, view, save, clip and print content retrieved 
- Email facility to forward research pages retrieved 
- Online tutorials / FAQ access 
- Counter compliant usage report (Administrator access) 
- 12 month access period 
- 3 user license package for remote access. (Off site use)

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