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  • Edward VIII and his Abdication

    Edward VIII and his Abdication

    December 10th 1936 was a day with a heavy historic importance for the British monarchy. King Edward the VIII executed an Instrument of Abdication. The Abdication Act implied that Edward VIII and any children he might have were excluded from the succession to the throne. His reign was one of the shortest in history, from January to December 1936. Continue Reading

  • On this Day through the Years

    On this Day through the Years 8th to 14th December

    This week has been a busy week in the news through the years. From events which took place in Ireland to interesting facts which shaped the world and opened new opportunities, the Irish press reported all about it.on this day

    On the 8th of December it would have been the birthday of the legendary Jim Morrison, (1943 -1971). He would have been 71 years old. Continue Reading

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