Annascaul Dangerous Manoeuvre - August 1920


Described as an exceptionally dangerous manoeuvre, IRA volunteers waited patiently for a part of thirteen military as they made their way to Dingle with provisions.

Upon their return and near Annascaul the ambushers surprised the military and called halt. When the order was not answered they opened fire on the lorry, injuring four soldiers in the process. The soldiers were quickly surrounded and decided to surrender. Their weapons were seized and the lorry set on fire. Interestingly, given the nature of the campaign to date, a passing motor car was commandeered by the IRA to bring the injured military to Dingle for medical treatment. Other military prisoners it was stated were treated to tea in a nearby farmers house awaiting the return of the commandeered car from Dingle. Other prisoners were brought towards Dingle and released on the road. In Tralee and Dingle rifle could be heard that night but the location could not be discerned. People retired to their homes before the curfew but five youths passing the police barracks in Tralee were arrested. The Annascaul ambush, which involved a considerable number of volunteers and was carefully planned, proved successful for the IRA in capturing arms and also identifying weaknesses in the military’s movements in west Kerry.


Source: Kerryman 1904-current, 21.08.1920, page 1

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