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  • Irish schools continued success with Irish Newspaper Archives via Scoilnet

    Scoilnet Rapid Archives Access

    Nationwide school access to Irish Newspaper Archives continues to gather pace.

    Over the past two years, Irish Newspaper Archives has worked closely with the PDST to make the archives accessible to Irish schools through the Scoilnet portal. Scoilnet is the Department of Education and Skills (DES) official portal for Irish education, developed as a support for teachers. Through the Scoilnet portal teachers and students alike have unlimited access to the largest database of Irish newspaper content in the World.

    The schools' access programme was initially launched as a pilot scheme in 2017. During the initial 10 months of the scheme, the archive’s Counter Compliant analytic tool reported that, nationally, schools viewed over 30,000 records. With a successful pilot, the archives were opened up through Scoilnet for 2018.

    To generate awareness of the availability of the archives to schools, the PDST created a series of tasks and projects based on newspaper research. These tasks, combined with a marketing campaign to generate awareness of the archives, helped schools to engage with the archives.

    2018 saw the usage climb from 30,000 to 290,985 views per record (page views). Through the Irish Newspaper Archive gateway, students are learning about historical figures such as Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Collins, Eamon De Valera and many more.

    Irish Newspaper Archives is proud to open our nation’s past to our country’s future leaders.

  • Irish Newspaper Archives FREE to all Irish Schools

    Irish Newspaper Archives is now available in your school!

    We are delighted to announce the release of the Irish Newspaper Archives resource to all schools nationwide. INA have worked closely with the PDST to make this project possible. The project is a pilot scheme and will be open to every school nationwide until January 2018.


    Schools will have access to the world's oldest and largest Irish Newspaper Archive via the schools network broadband. This incredible project now means that every school in the country will gain access to a national database of Irish newspapers spanning a period of 300 years. Students and teachers alike will gain the ability to peer back in time through over 9 million pages of newspaper from 69 newspaper titles nationwide. Continue Reading

  • Irish Newspaper Archives First Newspaper Edition Download Page

    First Newspaper Edition Download Page:

    Welcome to Irish Newspaper Archives first edition download page. Feel free to download and share the newspaper pages below.  The newspaper pages that you will find here are a catalog of first editions or newspaper clippings of each titles prospectus. A newspaper prospectus sets out a title's goals and what readers can expect from a newspaper and may indicate a political leaning.

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  • TK Whitaker - Irishman of the 20th Century

    The Nation mourned the lose of  Mr Thomas Kent Whitaker last week. TK Whitaker (08.12.1916 – 09.01.2017) was the chief architect of Ireland’s economic path from protectionism to free trade. Through his long and esteemed career TK Whitaker dedicated his life to the civil service and promoted a better life for all the people of Ireland.

    TK Whitaker a life of Civil Service

    It can be said that TK Whitaker was the most influential public servant in the history of the State.  TK Whitaker entered the Civil Service after completing the leaving certificate with honours from the Christian Brothers School, Drogheda.  TK Whitaker was a high achiever and continued this throughout his career in the Civil Service, achieving first place in; Continue Reading

  • Irish Famine Eviction Submit

    Irish Famine Eviction Submit Area:

    If you would like to offer your insights or research to the Irish Famine Eviction project please use the below contact details:
    Email Irish Famine Eviction

    Your research might hold the key to new eviction sites that have never been documented before. If you have any questions in regard to the goals or aims of our project please feel free to contact us on the above email or twitter address. Continue Reading

  • Dr Ciarán Reilly Irish Famine Research

    Dr Ciarán Reilly is one of Ireland's leading researchers in the area of the Great Irish Famine and Ireland's historic houses and estates.

    A member of the International Network of Irish Famine Studies, In 2014 Dr Reilly published two monographs, The Irish Land Agent, 1830-1860: the case of King’s County and Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine.

    Dr Ciarán Reilly, BA, HDIH, MA, PhD Dr Ciarán Reilly,

    Dr Reilly’s research has contributed to a number of significant public events including lectures, seminars, conferences and a variety of media engagements. In May 2014 Dr Reilly played a significant role in the successful hosting of the National Famine Commemoration at Strokestown Park. In addition to organising the Commemoration Lecture Series and the ‘Famine faces from county Roscommon’ exhibition, Dr Reilly also conceived and compiled the data for the Memorial Wall which was unveiled by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD. He has also helped establish the now annual International Famine Conference at Strokestown Park. Dr Reilly is also editor of Offaly Heritage, the journal of the Offaly History Society.

     His Publications include:


    Edited Volumes

    • editor, The Famine Irish: emigration and the Great Hunger (Dublin, 2016)
    • editor with Christine Kinealy & Jason King, Women and the Great Hunger in Ireland (forthcoming, Quinnipiac University, 2016)

    Chapters in books

    • ‘Aspects of Agency: John Ross Mahon, Accommodation and Resistance on the Strokestown Estate, 1845–51' in Enda Delaney and Brendan MacSuibhne, Power and Hunger: Popular politics in Ireland’s Great Famine, 1845-1852 (forthcoming, New York, 2015)
    • ‘A middleman in the 1840s: Charles Carey and the Leinster estate ‘ in Patrick Cosgrove, Terence Dooley & Karol Mullaney Dignam (eds), Aspects of Irish aristocratic life: Essays on the FitzGerald’s and Carton House (Dublin, 2014), pp 178-87
    • ‘King’s County during the Great Famine: Poverty and plenty’ in John Crowley, Mike Murphy and William Smyth (eds), Atlas of the Great Irish Famine (Cork, 2012),pp 349-54
    • ‘Clearing the estate to fill the workhouse: King’s County land agents and the Irish Poor Law Act of 1838’ in Virginia Crossman and Peter Gray (eds) Poverty and welfare in Ireland 1838-1948 (Dublin, 2011), pp 145-63
    • ‘The burning of country houses in Co. Offaly during the revolutionary period, 1920-23’ in Terence Dooley and Christopher Ridgeway (eds) The Irish Country House: its past, present and future (Dublin, 2011), pp 110-133

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  • The Irish Famine Eviction Project

    Irish Newspaper Archives are proud to sponsor the Irish Famine Eviction Project. Dr Ciaran Reilly one of Ireland's leading researchers on the Great Famine and author of several books such as;

    has embarked on a project to document, where possible, evidence of evictions during the years of the Great Irish Famine.Great Irish Famine Eviction Project

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  • Library Access to Irish Newspaper Archives

    Library Access to Irish Newspaper Archives

    Irish Newspaper Archives was first launched in 2001 and since our establishment we have come along way. We have converted thousands of microfilm reels from a static archive material into a live, searchable, retrievable database. Working tirelessly to create the world's largest online archive of Irish regional and daily titles. Through the Irish Newspaper Archives gateway our library members gain access to over 60 newspaper titles and over 8 million pages of newspaper print.

    Thankfully along with the growth of our archive we have also seen a rapid expansion of the use of Irish Newspaper Archives throughout libraries worldwide. The Irish Newspaper Archives gateway is now available in nearly every library in Ireland and is widely used throughout the world. Continue Reading

  • 1916 Easter Rising Archive

    1916 Irish News Archives

    1916 Easter Rising

    Welcome to our dedicated 1916 Easter Rising newspaper archive. We have developed this
    incredible only resource to share Ireland's most prominent rebellion with the nation. For a limited time only you will be able to gain access to some of Ireland's most prestigious Continue Reading

  • School Contest 2016

    Irish Newspaper Archives School Contest

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