Interesting Events this Week through History

Interesting Events this Week through History Archives

There have been many interesting events this week which have made a mark on Irish Theatre, on the transport system, nature programmes that we all love and the list can continue.

5th of May

Today is Cinco de Mayo! Originally a celebration of the victory of the Mexican army in the Battle of Puebla, today is a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in the US. In Mexico, there are a few places that celebrate this day, such as the state of Puebla, where the battle took place. Americans of Mexican origins consider this day as a source of pride and a way of honouring their ethnicity. Facts you did not know about Cinco de Mayo

6th of May

The opening of the English Channel Tunnel happened on this day in 1994, connecting Britain to mainland Europe for the first time since the Ice Age! As one of the biggest engineering projects undertaken in the UK, the tunnel has a length of 50.5km and took over five years to build.  Details of the opening:

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7th of May

100 years ago today a German submarine sunk the ocean liner Lusitania. The liner was torpedoed and sunk in 20 minutes, off the south coast of Ireland. Almost 1200 people lost their lives.  The Irish Newspapers reported interesting facts about warnings that passengers had received before boarding, and more details about survivors:Read here

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8th of May

On this day in 1899, The Countess Cathleen by Yeats opens at the Irish Literary Theatre in Dublin, it was the inaugural performance of the theatre.

9th of May

Happy 89th Birthday to David Attenborough! He opened up so many of nature’s mysteries for all of us!

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For more interesting articles on these subjects or other events of interest, please search the Irish Newspaper Archives.