On this Day through the Years

On this Day through the Years 8th to 14th December

This week has been a busy week in the news through the years. From events which took place in Ireland to interesting facts which shaped the world and opened new opportunities, the Irish press reported all about it.on this day

On the 8th of December it would have been the birthday of the legendary Jim Morrison, (1943 -1971). He would have been 71 years old.

In Irish history, on this day Eamon de Valera publicly repudiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921. Read all about this milestone event in the Irish Newspaper Archives:http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=FMH%2F1921%2F12%2F17&id=Ar00700&sk=FBF1DDE0

8th of December was again a momentous date in history when in 1962, the 114-day newspaper strike begins in NYC. The Irish Independent reported at the time; read it in here in Irish Newspaper archives:http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=IND%2F1962%2F12%2F12&id=Ar00109&sk=DF0EEA04

 9th of December

Corrie Street has really stood the test of time. It was on this day 54 years ago when "Coronation Street" was broadcasted for the first time on British ITV.

On this day, Dame Judi Dench celebrates her 80th birthday! She continues to be a very much loved screen presence! And didn’t she look amazing on the Graham Norton show recently.

Also, on this day in 1988 The Michael Hughes Bridge in Sligo is officially opened. The event was a historical moment for the town as presented in the press. Read about it in Irish Newspaper Archives:http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=LOR%2F1988%2F12%2F31&id=Ar00606&sk=B8E72F07

 10th of December

Edward VIII signed his abdication on the 10th of December 1936, giving up British throne to marry Wallis Simpson. Their story had been the subject of many press articles and the news made headlines in Irish newspapers: Read about it in Irish Newspaper Archives:http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=IEX%2F1936%2F12%2F11&id=Ar00903&sk=16070AA6

On this day, 54 years ago, in 1960, Willard Libby won the Nobel prize in Chemistry for developing carbon-14 dating (radiocarbon dating). Thanks to him we can now date archaeological and geological samples.

 11th of December

This day marks the moment of the last Moon landing of an Apollo mission, the Apollo 17. Find out how moon rock samples ended up in Dunmore East! Read about it in Irish Newspaper archives: http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=MEX%2F1972%2F12%2F29&id=Ar00412&sk=3E260E71

12th of December

Interesting fact for all the classical music fans! Ludwig Von Beethoven (22) receives his 1st lesson in music composition from Franz Joseph Haydn in Vienna on this day in 1792.

Communications took a huge step forward when on the 12th of December 1901,when Guglielmo Marconi sent the first transatlantic radio signal, from Cornwall to Newfoundland.

 13th of December

Taylor’s Swift 24th Birthday! Forbes magazine called her an entertainment phenomenon and is the only artist this year to sell over a million albums in the first week of its release.

Almost 100 years ago, in 1916 the play “The Whiteheaded Boy”  by Esme Stuart Lennox Robinsons premiered in Dublin at the Abbey Theatre.

14th of December

On this day in 1911, Norwegian Ronald Amundsen reached the South Pole for the first time. Check how the exploration of the South Pole was regarded in The Freeman, in 1911, over 100 years ago. Read about it Irish Newspaper Archives: http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=FMJ%2F1911%2F12%2F01&id=Ar00631&sk=C769E194

Also, on this day in 1967, a great scientific development was made when DNA was created in a test tube.

See how some of these events or other interesting facts were portrayed by the Irish press on http://www.irishnewspaperarchives.com/