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  • Anglo-Celt 29.April.1916 Dublin Cut off. Casement arrested

    The Anglo-Celt 29.April.1916 Dublin Cut Off

    While the rebellion was taking place in Dublin news of the events were only trickling through to other parts of the country. While I was reviewing the archives for this week I selected The Anlgo-Celt 29.April.1916 front page to share with you.  Read below for an extract from the paper and download the entire article to keep!!

    Dublin Cut off 29.April.1916

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  • Library Access to Irish Newspaper Archives

    Library Access to Irish Newspaper Archives

    Irish Newspaper Archives was first launched in 2001 and since our establishment we have come along way. We have converted thousands of microfilm reels from a static archive material into a live, searchable, retrievable database. Working tirelessly to create the world's largest online archive of Irish regional and daily titles. Through the Irish Newspaper Archives gateway our library members gain access to over 60 newspaper titles and over 8 million pages of newspaper print.

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  • Evening Herald Under Fire 26.April.1916

    Evening Herald Staff Caught Up In The Rising

    Read the below for an incredible story from the 1916 Easter Rising campaign. As the fight spread along the houses and buildings on Abbey Street four staff members from the Evening Herald are caught in the middle...

    Thrilling experience of "Herald" hands. Extract - Evening Herald April 26,27,28,29 May 1,2 & 3Evening Herald Middle Abbey Street 1913

    UNDER FIRE / SCENES IN ABBEY STREET / Terrible Effects of Shelling by Big Guns

    On Thursday , April 26, I and three members of the “Evening Herald” staff were on the premises at 111 Middle Abbey Street, as we had been since the outbreak of the hostilities on Monday. About noon the bombardment of the corners of Abbey street and O’Connell street began. The insurgents at once began to retreat towards Capel Street and Mary Street, investing all the building at the back of the Post Office as far as Liffey street. Continue Reading

  • Prince 1958 - 2016 Rest in Peace

    Rest In Peace - Prince

    As the world wakes today with the sad news of the passing of Prince, Irish Newspaper Archives would like to pay tribute to one of the world's greatest performers. We have selected some pages from our archives from his  Páirc Uí Chaoimh, July 7th, 1990 concert, The Point Theatre October 12th, 2002 ( secret gig ) and Malahide Castle, Dublin, Aug 1, 2011.

    Download the pages and save them for your memories

    Prince arrives in Cork

    "There are two schools of thought on Prince: One says when God was handing out talent , Prince was dealt a Royal Flush while the other the deck he was dealt from was far from full." Extract Irish Press Saturday 07 July 1990 Continue Reading

  • Titanic 's last moments 27.April.1912

     How the Titanic went down!

    Read the full story of the Titanic 's  last moments true the eyes of the survivors. The below extract is from the Derry People 27.April.1912. You can download the full page and much more below!

    Titanic last moments

    The True Story of the Titanic's Last Moments ( Derry People 27.April.1912)

    The true story of the awful catastrophe of the Titanic's sinking is now told by various survivors, and goes to show that the circumstances were, perhaps, the most harrowing in the world's history. Captain Smith remained at his post heroically till the last, and did not, as erroneously reported at first, commit suicide. Continue Reading

  • John FRENCH Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief 1916

    Cork Examiner Saturday Morning 22.07.1916 - Dispatches of Rebellion

    Have you ever wondered what exactly happened during the Easter Rising?? If so read the below extract from the Cork Examiner 22.07.1916 for an hour by hour, day by day report from the commanding officers of the Home Forces. Download the entire page below:

    Dublin Castle 1916

    Rebellion Despatches (Press Association Telegram) War Office 21 July 1916

    The following despatches have been received by the Secretary of State for War From the Field Marshal Commanding-in-Chief, Home Forces: - General Headquarters, London, S.W., 29.May.1916 Continue Reading

  • Austrians & Sinn Feiners 1916

    No Doubt that the Sinn Feiners received support from  Germany & Austria

    While I was reviewing the 1916 papers I found an article relating to the surrender of 1 Austrian soldier in his officers uniform and the subsequent arrest of a further 2 Austrian in Ballsbridge.  "The Daily Chronicle" reports that there is no doubt that support was given to the rebellion by both Germany and Austria.  Download the full page below:

    'Dublin is conquered!' Cartoon from Austrian newspaper Die Muskete. (ANNO via the Internet Archive)

    'Dublin is conquered!' Cartoon from Austrian newspaper Die Muskete. (ANNO via the Internet Archive) Continue Reading

  • Joseph & Grace Plunkett's Doomed Wedding

    Joseph & Grace Plunkett's Doomed Wedding

     Joseph Plunkett wedding Grace & Joseph Plunkett's wedding

    Grace Gifford became engaged to Joseph Plunkett in 1915 . The wedding was planned for Easter Sunday 1916 - the date of the Rising, which was put down and its leaders sentenced to death. Grace and Joseph Plunkett were married on 3 May in the chapel of Kilmainham Jail, only a few hours before his execution. Continue Reading

  • Easter Rising Cancelled

    Easter Rising Cancelled by Eoin Mac Neill leader of the Irish Volunteer Force Eoin Mac Neill Leader of the Irish Volunteers

    The note below is dated Saturday 22 April 1916 and is signed by Eoin Mac Neill, who was the head of the Irish Volunteers force.  This cancellation of the parades and manoeuvres brought confusion amongst local leaders and disrupted the Easter Rising. Continue Reading

  • Real story of Easter Proclamation

    1916 Easter Proclamation - The Three Printers of the Proclamation

    The real Story of the printing of the Easter Proclamation April 24th, 1916 by Nellie Cifford-Donnelly Irish Press 24.04.1934.  Read below and download the full page!! 1916 Easter proclamation

    Extract from Irish Press 24.04.1934  - The  inside story of the setting up of the Proclamation of Easter Week has, I think, not yet been told in detail; yet it has all the elements of real drama in it. Three Dublin workers, members of the Dublin Typographical Provident Society, were those to whom this most dangerous but effective task was given. The printing press of the Republic was at Liberty Hall. An armed guard had to protect the machine against police raids, and it was in an exciting atmosphere that the three men set up and printed the Proclamation. Their names will always be linked with the Insurrection: they are: Christopher Brady,' printer; Michael Molloy and Liam O'Brien, compositors. Continue Reading

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