Roger Casement committed to trial 18 May 1916

Sir Roger Casement was committed to trial to face Treason

Casement and Bailey High Treason trial 18.05.1916

Extract Cork Examiner 18 May 1916 Roger Casement Committed

After an investigation of only three days the charge of high treason against Sir Roger Casement and the Irish ex-soldier, Daniel Julian Bailey, concluded as far as the Police Court stage is concerned this afternoon with their committal for trial before the Lord Chief Justice. The proceedings ended quite uneventfully, and naturally after Sir John Dickinson had spent the day hearing the statements of a number of witnesses whose evidence was necessary to complete the case for the Crown

The Court was crowded throughout the day, many of those who stood at the back of the court being women. In the morning chief interest centred about the expert evidence of two soldiers, a Russian officer and a British soldier, directed towards the nature of the arms and maps found in Ireland in connection with the case. The Russian witness identified one of the rifles as the product of the Russian Imperial works, while a cartridge clip was also found to be of Russian origin. Lieut-Colonel Gordon of the  War Office, gave some striking information as to the completeness of the maps of Ireland which were exhibited, and as to points of similarity between them and the Gorman war maps.

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