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Welcome to Irish Newspaper Archives the world’s largest and oldest online database of Irish newspapers. Through the Irish Newspaper Archives gateway you will find the world's most complete Irish newspaper archive. The online newspaper archives provides a fast and easy way to access newspapers from 1738 all the way up to current day.

The archives offer our members a National newspaper database to research Irish history both contemporary and modern with legacy newspapers presented as they were printed in black and white full page format and a current newspaper archive through our full colour PDF archive. Many of the newspapers are available from their first publication right through to current day. Newspapers offer a view of historical events and through our regional and national newspaper titles researchers will be able to compare the county view versus the city view of any given topic.

The archive consists of over 6 million pages of newspaper content from titles North and South of the Irish border and through the newspaper obituaries Irish genealogists can search, retrieve and view births, deaths and marriage records from over 279 year's worth of Irish publications.

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