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  PDF Current Editions Delayed  Please note that we experienced a technical issue on the 11th of March 2024 week which has delayed the release of some of our more current full colour PDF editions. The fault was rectified on the 14th of March 2024. Our team are working on uploading the delayed editions and hope to have the editions available before the 22nd of March 2024. Please accept our sincerest apology for a...

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Roger Federer US Open 2008 September 8th 2008 Hi! I'm a TY student and I'm doing my work experience for the week at Irish Newspapers Archives.  In tennis history there are certain moments that define a player's career. Shaping the legacy of the sport’s greatest players. For Roger Federer that precise moment unfolded on the court of the Arthur Ashe Stadium in 2008, where he ended up defeating Andy Murray...


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How to use discount codes with Irish Newspaper Archives.                  If you have a valid discount code please follow the below steps to enter the code and start saving on your Irish Newspaper Archives membership! Step 1  Select the product the code applies to. If your code is valid for the Gold membership options place a tick mark beside the month or year option. We have highlighted the selection area ...


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Although we are a tiny nation, Ireland has made a big impact on the whole world. Migration from Ireland is recorded since the early middle ages. Since around 1700 between 9 and 10 million people born in Ireland have emigrated. In todays 21st century world an estimated 80 million people from all over the world claim Irish decent, they are known as the Irish diaspora. A man named William "Guillermo" Brown isnt too well know...


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Back in 1909 Ireland played France for the very first time in Landsdown. The monumental match took place on the 20th of martch. This was a very important match for the history of Irish Rugby. His exlency Lord Lieutenant was in attendance.  The match attracted of fans from both sides. Half an hour before the start there must have been close to eight thousand present. Ireland was expected to take a heavy defeat on the day of...


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An article written in the Sunday Independent on November 22nd 2009 summerises the times Ireland nearly made it big in football history but had victory taken from them before they had the chance. Today we will look back to see what could have came from Irish football. Ireland isnt the first country that comes to mind when you think of victorys in football. We have always advanced from the group stage in the World Cup but hav...


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The Limerick Chronicle is currently unavailable for search due to required maintenance. 

New years for Limerick Chronicle will be made available once the maintenance has been completed.

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Irish handball in South Africa 1956 The world will watch tomorrow as Ireland takes on South Africa at the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This is a hugely important match for Ireland as they face the reigning world champions in Paris. However, did you know that Irish links to South Africa goes much further back. Here the Connacht Tribune of 1956 reports on the playing of handball in South Africa where Irish emigrants had settled....


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  Where is Robert Emmet buried?  One of the sources in the Irish Newspaper Archive is the Holly Bough, the county Cork publication which has been annual tradition in the county since 1897. Irish Newspaper Archives have now released 1927 to current. In 1970 the Bough carried an article on where the body of Robert Emmet lies buried. Emmet of course was executed on 20 September 1803 for his role in an uprising which h...


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