Belfast Newsletter

The Belfast Newsletter Archive offers an incredible resource for all Irish studies research and genealogical research. The oldest running newspaper in Ireland the Belfast Newsletters offers a wealth of informaiton on regional, national and world events. Through the Belfast Newsletter researchers can find detailed information on births, deaths and marriages. The newspaper has had an interesting political point of view swaying from non-political in its first publications to anti-nationalist. Join Irish Newspaper Archives today and gain access to the Belfast Newsletter and 70 other Irish newspapers from around country. www,

Under Henry Joy's editorship, this was a liberal, non-government publication; after the mid 1790’s The Belfast Newsletter became conservative, anti-Catholic and pro-government. Through the Belfast Newsletter's archives researchers will find political and legal news, summaries of foreign affairs, such as; The French Revolution, Irish and British Parliamentary news, local advertisements. Contained in the early papers are detailed and informed reports on the Catholic Emancipation, the Repeal Movement, the rise of Temperance agitation and the setting up of the Queen's Colleges. Extensive articles cover the Religious Revival of 1857, the Belfast riots of 1857, 1864 and 1887 and the growth of Belfast as a major industrial and commercial center. The Belfast Newsletter is a delight for researchers involved in genealogical research which offers accurate information on births, marriages, and deaths in Ulster.

Trawl through the fascinating advertisements which highlight the diverse trade that was plied under Ulster's connection with Britain, America and the rest of the world through emigration and trade.

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