The Butte Independent Newspaper 1910 - 1930 

The Butte Independent is Irish Newspaper Archives only US printed newspaper. The Butte Independent offers a unique opportunity to view how cultural and political events in Ireland were reported in the US. Not only dose the Butte offer an extremely usefull insight into the American view of Ireland but also offers some of our archives most colourfull headlines and each newspaper contains fanatastic galaries. Founded and published by Mr J.B. Mulchay the Butte Independent had a geographical coverage in Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, the title was a weekly publication with a yearly subscription rate of $2.00 or $0.05 per edition.

The Butte Independent began circulation on the 22.01.1910 and set out its prospectus on page 4 which you can download HERE.

The editor states that the paper will:

“Coupled with this wish we give an unqualified assurance of a clean, upright, healthy newspaper. While rising above the mediocrity of contemporary journalism, we shall ever scorn to countenance that type of newspaper which debauches the minds of its readers by pandering to the vilest sensationalism and then sustains an evil existence on the tainted shackles of public depravity. The "Independent" will be a paper qualified to enter every Catholic, every Christian, every American home, fitted alike for the perusal of child and adult, the advocate of civil righteousness and public purity”


Butte Independent Newspaper Orientation:

Catholic, Independent



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