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Connaught Telegraph Newspaper Records

The Connaught Telegraph was founded in 1828 by Lord Edward Cavenish. In fact the newspaper can trace its inception to even earlier as formed through an amalgamation of many titles from the area dating back to 1808. Despite his aristocratic background Lord Cavenish and the Telegraph championed the call for land reform and rallied against absentee landlordism. Perhaps the Telegraph's most celebrated editor was James Daly who was an important advocate for land reform and a founding member of the Land League. The Connaught Telegraph archives are a wonderful resource for all those interested in family genealogical research with their detailed births, deaths (obituaries) and marriages. The provincial press was also far less censored by the British authorities than their national equivalent. As a result they give both the professional and amateur historian a unique perspective of Ireland's turbulent past as well as the local impact of major national and international events.

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               1830 -Current
            6,130         82,576      *Updated weekly

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