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The Drogheda Conservative and General Advertiser 1864 - 1906

The Drogheda Conservative circulated in a number of counties; Meath, Louth, Dublin, Monaghan and Cavan. The newspaper had a number of departments; spirit of the press, foreign intelligence, miscellaneous, parliamentary intelligence, markets, poetry, literary extracts, agriculture, advertisements, notices, medical, local news, breeding, deaths

It is thought that the Drogheda Conservative was a revival of The Drogheda Conservative Journal (1837).

The Irish Newspaper Archive resource hosts 3 additional newspapers printed from Drogheda starting from 1835 to current date:

Drogheda Argus & Leinster Journal  19/09/1835 - 25/12/1909

Drogheda Reporter                            02/05/1863 – 01/08/1863

Dundalk Democrat                             20/10/1849 – Current

The Drogheda Conservative newspaper orientation:

Conservative; Protestant


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