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Irish Newspaper Archive has a limited run of the Drogheda Reporter; May – Aug 1863. The Drogheda Reporter offers our members access to a regional newspaper published weekly. The Drogheda Reporter had numerous departments;

Imperial Parliament, racing, the church, markets, local and foreign news, law sessions, extracts from national and foreign newspapers, advertising, county notices, education, notable deaths, correspondence, House of Lords, poetry, miscellaneous, agriculture, newspaper pressDrogheda Reporter download front page newspaper

 The newspaper was a staunch Unionist publication and can offer a different view on the Irish prospective during the early 19th Century.

The Irish Newspaper Archive resource has 3 additional title available from this region of the country to explore:

  1. Drogheda Argus & Leinster Journal 19/09/1838 – 25/12/1909
  2. Drogheda Conservative 30/03/1864 – 29/12/1906
  3. Dundalk Democrat 20/10/1849 – Current day

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