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The Dundalk Democrat Newspaper 1849 – Current

The Dundalk Democrat was established in 1849 by Mr. Joseph A. Cartan. The paper was originally produced from a hotel owned by the Cartan family.  Cartan was a staunch nationalist and pro- O’Connell supporter.  Cartan used the newspaper to endorse nationalist and tenant rights. Many of the editorial pieces produced were vitriolic and condemned by many.  In fact, Lord Clermont won a judgment against him which he could not pay. Subsequently ending up in Dundalk jail.

The Dundalk Democrat was run by a Mr. Gerald McCarthy 1870-1872 until he ended up in jail as he could not produce sufficient sureties to the stamp office. The paper barley survived until the Thomas Roe became partner with Cartan in 1872

The Roe family remained involved with the Dundalk Democrat Newspaper for over a century. The Dundalk Democrat has changed ownership a number of times since the early nineties when the Leinster Leader group purchased the paper from the late Thomas Roe. In 2005 the Johnston Press group purchased the Leinster Leader group for a total of 139 million which included the Dundalk Democrat. The current owners; Iconic Newspaper group purchased the Dundalk Democrat in 2014

The Dundalk Democrat Newspaper Orientation:

Nationalist, pro-O'Connell, repealist (1849); independent; radical (1859) 


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