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The Evening Herald newspaper archive 1891 to current available on Irish Newspaper Archives. The Evening Herald is one of Ireland best known newspapers. From its very first edition published the 19th December 1891 The Evening Herald set itself apart from other titles at that time. Proclaim that the paper was there fight for the independence of Irish men and women,

Evening Herald Newspaper Archive 1891 - Current Date

The First edition of the Evening Herald was published on the 19th December 1891.  Over 125 years have passed since the first edition of one of Dublin’s most well known and loved title. The Evening Herald made its entrance on to Irish streets by boldly stating “To the public…. The Herald has come to fight.”

The fight which the Herald spoke of was of course; Home Rule for Ireland. During the time of the Herald’s first publication Ireland was undergoing a major political upheaval and social uncertainty. The Heralds first edition went on to proclaim

“Our promise is to maintain political independence in Ireland and to voice the thoughts of the Irish people who are uncontrolled by English politicians or any other extraneous domination”

“Irish citizens have a right to liberty of political judgement and in the exercise of the voting power should be free from intimidation and undue influences”   

The Evening Herald was heavily invested in the Home Rule debates. The Evening Herald has a Saturday edition known as The Irish Saturday Herald . Michael Davitt successfully sued the Evening Herald for libelous comments published in the paper which tried to undermine Davitt's own publication, Labour World.

The Herald as it is commonly known today is a national newspaper owned by the Irish Independent Group of newspapers and has continued since 1891 to have a nationwide circilation althrough the paper is heavily assocaited with County Dublin. The Evening Herald is an essential newspaper for Irish hisotry and geneaolgy. Through this vast newspaper our members will be able to gleam insights into Ireland's great past and throgh the full colour PDF images get access to the socaial and cultural changes taking place in Ireland in more modern times.

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