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Irish Newspaper Archives Library Membership

The Irish Newspaper Archives resource offers libraries from across the world an opportunity to gain access to a national database of Irish Newspapers. The archive is available to all library institutions; public and private. The content of the site is fully word searchable, data range indexed and compliant with all archive legislation.

Access to the content is via IP authentication and allows for multiple users with no restrictions on access to the content. Once a library joins the Irish Newspaper Archive resource the full content is made available.

The archive is updated daily with current and legacy newspaper titles. The online newspaper archives hosts over 70 Irish newspaper titles from both North and South of the border. The content contains both black and white scanned newspaper pages and full colour PDF images.

To view a full list of newspapers please visit HERE.

General Library Membership Package:
  • Unlimited access to title content
  • Unlimited user access through any PC equipped with a web-browser
  • Direct IP authentication
  • Access to any content uploaded to the site during the membership term
  • Users can search, view, save, clip and print content retrieved
  • Email facility to forward research pages retrieved
  • Online tutorials / FAQ access
  • Counter compliant usage report (Administrator access)
  • 12 month access period

Irish Newspaper Archives are proud to offer the world’s oldest and largest archive of Irish Newspapers and we welcome any enquiries.

Please feel free to contact a member of our team via our social care channels or email:

For general enquires please contact:


P: +353 (0) 12942173