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The Mayo Examiner & West of Ireland Agricultural and Commercial Reporter and Advertiser 1868 - 1876

The Mayo Examiner published its first newspaper on the 06.July.1868 and lasted only a few years with its last publication released on the 30.December.1876.  The proprietor of the newspaper was a Mr Alfred Sheridan and in the first edition page 2 he writes in the prospectus about the difficulties in opening a newspaper.

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 The prospectus offers an interesting view of the difficulties that editors and proprietors faced when launching a new venture.  

Extract from The Mayo Examiner Page 2 Vol. 1 -  06.July.1868

Prospectus: "In the columns of the Examiner we shall fight the battles of the People...we entertain no hostility to any class--we feel no sectarian rancour towards any creed, and, whilst supporting the rights of those who agree with us, we shall respect the religious feelings of those who differ from us in religion, and shall strive--humbly, perhaps, but yet zealously and unceasingly--to induce all good and true Irishmen to unite upon one common platform for the good of our common country" (no 1, 06 Jul 1868, p.2).
In its opening address in 1:1, the editors add: "in the interests of farmers, traders and professional classes of Mayo" the Examiner is a necessity (2). 

The Mayo Examiner newspaper had numerous departments;

Domestic and foreign affairs, law sessions, poetry, b/m/d, markets, advertising, legal notices, railway, farmers' column, petty sessions, humour, reprints, commercial house, insurance, Church news, petty sessions

 The Mayo Examiner Newspaper Orientation:

Liberal, Nationalist & Catholic  


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