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 The Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times 1883 -2017 

The first edition of The Carlow Nationalist and Leinster Times was published on Browne Street, Carlow in 1883. This historic newspaper has been reporting on regional and national events for over 134 years. To do this day the Nationalist & Leinster Times has the largest circulation of any newspaper title in Carlow. The full newspaper archive is now available for searching through the Irish Newspaper Archive gateway.

Nationalist and Leinster Times History In Brief:

Mr. Patrick J. Conlan, founder and first editor of the "Carlow Nationalist and Leinster Times published the first edition on  Saturday, September 22, 1883. On the first page of the first edition (Download below) The Carlow Nationalist and Leinster Times sets out its Prospectus:

“The want of a National Newspaper for Co. Carlow and district has long been felt and it is believed, by the most competent to form an opinion, that the establishment of such a journal should no longer be postponed. The rapid development of National aspirations in the past few eventful years renders it imperative that popular organisations should have representative and independent mediums, through which a bond sympathy, union, strength, may be created, perfected, and maintained, for the accomplishment of those objects on which Irishmen have set their hearts.”

“Local organisations is now acknowledged to be a powerful factor in bringing to a successful issue our struggle for liberty.

(Carlow Nationalist 22nd September 1883 Front page)

The Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times prospectus further goes on to align its aims with Catholic principles and advocates Catholic rights. At the time of the Parnellite 'split' (1890s) "The Nationalist" espoused the anti-Parnellite cause.

Through the Irish Newspaper Archives historical newspaper archive you can gain access to all three of the Nationalist Newspapers: Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times – The Nationalist, The Laois Nationalist & The Kildare Nationalist.

The Nationalist newspapers offer a vast opportunity for genealogical research with the Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times Obituaries reaching back to 1883.





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