The Harp (New York)

The Harp ( New York) The newspaper of the Irish Socialist Federation and was edited by James Connolly during his time in America. The Hary Newspaper was published on the first of each month.

The Harp New York was edited by James Connolly who had recently organised the Irish Socialist Federation (ISF). The Harp editorials denounced the craft unionism of the American Federation of labour and warmly praised the protoindustrial unionism of the Industrial Workers of the World. The Harp also defended radical political activists from the accusations of atheism by the Catholic clergy, declaring that "it is not Socialism but Capitalism that is opposed to religion, Capitalism is social cannibalism. The Harp failed to secure a high enough circulation, and membership in the ISF remained small. 

   Edition Count       Page Count          Years           
                1908 - 1910
            28           297    *Out of print