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  • Irish schools continued success with Irish Newspaper Archives via Scoilnet

    Scoilnet Rapid Archives Access

    Nationwide school access to Irish Newspaper Archives continues to gather pace.

    Over the past two years, Irish Newspaper Archives has worked closely with the PDST to make the archives accessible to Irish schools through the Scoilnet portal. Scoilnet is the Department of Education and Skills (DES) official portal for Irish education, developed as a support for teachers. Through the Scoilnet portal teachers and students alike have unlimited access to the largest database of Irish newspaper content in the World.

    The schools' access programme was initially launched as a pilot scheme in 2017. During the initial 10 months of the scheme, the archive’s Counter Compliant analytic tool reported that, nationally, schools viewed over 30,000 records. With a successful pilot, the archives were opened up through Scoilnet for 2018.

    To generate awareness of the availability of the archives to schools, the PDST created a series of tasks and projects based on newspaper research. These tasks, combined with a marketing campaign to generate awareness of the archives, helped schools to engage with the archives.

    2018 saw the usage climb from 30,000 to 290,985 views per record (page views). Through the Irish Newspaper Archive gateway, students are learning about historical figures such as Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Collins, Eamon De Valera and many more.

    Irish Newspaper Archives is proud to open our nation’s past to our country’s future leaders.

  • On This Day In History 04.November.1917

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    #OnThisDay 04.November.1917 Sunday Independent

    At Bow street, London Arthur Edward Brown was charged with contravening the Regulations 45H of the Defense of the Realm Regulations.... Brown, he said, was managing director of James Brown Ltd, who,before the war made bricks... who won contracts to supply bombs to the French Warfare Supply Department. 
    It was found that a number of heads had been used instead of bases, and that holes had been drilled in there heads and they had been plugged. This was the case of 176 bombs. The inspector also found that the plugs had been varnished over in an effort to conceal them. In still further instances the holes had been covered with cement or paint. Download the full page here:

  • Irish Newspaper Archives FREE to all Irish Schools

    Irish Newspaper Archives is now available in your school!

    We are delighted to announce the release of the Irish Newspaper Archives resource to all schools nationwide. INA have worked closely with the PDST to make this project possible. The project is a pilot scheme and will be open to every school nationwide until January 2018.


    Schools will have access to the world's oldest and largest Irish Newspaper Archive via the schools network broadband. This incredible project now means that every school in the country will gain access to a national database of Irish newspapers spanning a period of 300 years. Students and teachers alike will gain the ability to peer back in time through over 9 million pages of newspaper from 69 newspaper titles nationwide. Continue Reading

  • Who was St. Patrick ?

    Who was Saint Patrick ? This is a question that could easily be asked with many different answers, most lightly many of the answers would contain; snakes and a drum! However this same question has been asked for centuries and through the archives I find the answer contained in the Cork Examiner 11th March 1893.  You can download the page from The Cork Examiner 11 March 1893 Page 12 below:

    Cork Examiner 11 March 1893 Who was St Patrick

    The journalist who wrote the article has a little bit of fun stopping a local man and questioning his reason for wearing the shamrock on the 17th March and asking "who was St. Patrick ?" Continue Reading

  • Irish News Archives Essential Maintenance


    Thursday 16.March.2017  - Essential Maintenance & Technical Issues

    Dear Customers,

    we are currently experiencing an issue with access to the Irish Newspaper Archives service. We are currently looking into fixing the issue and we apologies for any inconvenience caused to your access. Continue Reading

  • Irish Newspaper Archives First Newspaper Edition Download Page

    First Newspaper Edition Download Page:

    Welcome to Irish Newspaper Archives first edition download page. Feel free to download and share the newspaper pages below.  The newspaper pages that you will find here are a catalog of first editions or newspaper clippings of each titles prospectus. A newspaper prospectus sets out a title's goals and what readers can expect from a newspaper and may indicate a political leaning.

    Continue Reading

  • Michael Collins Letter Fetches €28,000 at auction 21.02.2003

    On the 21st Of February 2003 a letter signed by Michael Collins, written on his return from London went on auction. Michael Collins letter was estimated to fetch up to €8,000.00 but sold for €26,500.00 to a mystery private collector.

    Download the articles below from the Irish Examiner & The Irish Independent dated the 22.02.2003 reporting on the auction.

    Michael Collins letter fetches 28,000 euro

    Michael Collins Letters was a three-page document sent to prominent Derry republican Louis J Walsh in 1922, telling him about his opposition to the Northern Ireland border. Replying to a letter from Walsh, Collins outlined his position regarding negotiations with Winston Churchill and unionist leader James Craig. Continue Reading

  • The Carlow Nationalist and Leinster Times 1883 - Historic Newspaper Archive

    Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times Archives

    The first edition of The Carlow Nationalist and Leinster Times was published on Browne Street, Carlow in 1883. This historic newspaper has been reporting on regional and national events for over 134 years. To do this day the Nationalist & Leinster Times has the largest circulation of any newspaper title in Carlow. The full newspaper archive is now available for searching through the Irish Newspaper Archive gateway. Continue Reading

  • British Embassy Burned after Derry's Bloody Sunday killings

    A wave of petrol bombings and burnings hit Dublin last night in reaction to the Derry's Bloody Sunday killing of 13 civilians.

    News Pages from 02 February 1972

    As the Irish Republic tries to come to terms with the death of 13 civilians in Derry's Bloody Sunday angry protests turn to violence.  Read the events from today 45 years ago and download 3 of the Nations Leading daily newspapers to view the reaction from Ireland  and the world to the shooting of 13 civilians. Download pages Below:

    British Embassy on fire in Dublin February 1972

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  • Gerry Adams 2 Day Visa Travels to New York Report from 01 February 1994

    It was 20 years ago when Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams won the right to visit America after President Bill Clinton gave him a 48-hour visa.

    On January 31, 1994 Adams stepped off the plane in New York from Dublin, and Northern Ireland was never the same again.

    Download the pages from the Irish Independent & Cork Examiner 01. February.1994 Below:

    Gerry Adams US visa New York 01 February 1994

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