Allihies Barracks Raid - Constable Neenan Shot - 12.February.1920

Aillihies Barracks Raid Michael Neenan Shot

Allihies Barracks Raid - Constable Neenan Shot 12.February.1920

County Cork was the scene of another attack on an RIC barracks at the village of Allihies, which led to the death of Constable Michael Neenan. Located twelve miles from Castletownbere, the people of Allihies were taken by surprise when the IRA attacked the barrack on 12 February.

Once again, every preparation was made to deny any chance of reinforcements arriving to help the stricken policemen. Between 3-4am the IRA began to drill into the gable wall of the barracks which was then blown up. Realising what was happening the RIC immediately defended their position and both parties then exchanged several rounds of fire. During the ‘fusilade’ Constable Neenan volunteered to go to the ammunition store for rifles but was shot in the abdomen and despite the best effort of surgeons who motored from Cork to try and save him, he succumbed to his injuries. Another RIC Constable, named O’Driscoll was shot in the foot during the affray, but his injuries were said to have been non-life threatening. Led by Sean Hales, the IRA battalion was said to have consisted of about twenty volunteers and maintained their position until shortly after 5am before retreating. The RIC refused to surrender but, after this attack, they destroyed the building and withdrew from village. A number of out outlying posts would also do the same in the coming weeks.

Download Source: Irish Independent 1905-current, Friday, February 13, 1920

Irish Independent Friday February 13 1920