We have now fixed the Browse Page bug. Now if you click into an edition to read it in the Viewer and then click Browse to return to the Browse Page, your last selected date is automatically saved and displayed.

This will spare users the annoyance of having to select the year and month again every time you move between Viewer & Browse.

2 Responses to Bug-Fix

  • Susan

    irishnewsarchive.com once had an excellent search engine, and now it has been lobotomized to the point where I usually can't find historical information anymore and a lot of the OCR is gibberish. It is now as bad as findmypast.ie. Instead of finding a historical so-and-so, I find dozens of articles on an identically named-so-and-so who has won some local competition.

    Please restore the logical operator functionality like AND and NEAR that was once there! Otherwise I am not able to narrow down what I am looking for and the end result is that I don't buy a subscription and get the information I want.

  • Phillip Martin
    Phillip Martin on January 6, 2014 at 12:21 pm said:

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, regarding the OCR it is the same index that was in the previous version of Irish Newspaper Archives. The changes we have made have being to the User Interface only. With a total redesign such as this we are of course aware that initially it can cause problems especially for our long term users, additionally we are still implementing functionality to the service which has being outlined in previous posts ('New Features to be Added') that will be completed by the end of January.

    We believe that the new interface is a dramatic improvement on the older version and hope that with a bit of time all of our users will find this to be true. We will also be providing a range of video tutorials (again by the end of January) which will clearly explain all of these new functionalities as well as outline the basics of Searching and Browsing.

    The Logical Operator function is still in fact available at the end of the Main Search Bar. There is a drop down menu with the word NEAR which you can use to select Logical Operators. If you do have further questions or need further clarification on any of the above or any other issues please let us know or alternatively contact us directly on 01 2942173.

    Thanks again for your continued subscription and support we will continue to endeavour to make the service as accessible as possible.