Combating Zeppelins M Louis Blériot

Famous French airman Mr  M Louis Blériot believes that he has the solution for combating the destructive German Zeppelins!

M louis Bleriot French Airman M louis Bleriot Famous Airman

In this article M Louis Blériot proposes the development of two items to bring the fight to the air and combat the Zeppelins. Item one is the development of  a strong light and item two is a fast one-seater bi-plane. At the time there  was a strong feeling that airplanes could not fly high enough to combat the Zeppelin, a rumour that M Louis Blériot dismisses " it is incorrect to assume that airplanes cannot rise as high as airships. The contrary he says, is the case,  aeroplanes being perfectly navigable at a height 5,000 or 6,000 yards"

German Zeppelin WW1 German Zeppelin WW1

Read the article below or click the HERE to download the full page Irish Independent 09.02.1916 Page 3

Irish Independent 09.02.1916 M Louis Blériot - Irish Independent 09.02.1916

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