Countess Markievicz Visted by Police 23rd January 1916

Countess Markievicz Visted by Police

On the 23rd January 1916 The G men raided a number of residence suspected of contravention of the provision of the Defence of the Realm Act with the house of Countess Markievicz getting special attention. Countess Markievicz was out at the time and returned home to find the police at her home at Leinster Road, Rathmines. The police removed a printing press and paper no arrests made. Continued reading below....

Countess Markievicz The Countess Markievicz 23. January.1916 was visit by police


Houses in Brunswick Street were also visited

and ammunition taken no arrests made..

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Sunday Independent 23rd January 1916.

Countess Markievicz plain close police

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