Daring Cork Ambush - December 1920


On 11 December 1920 an auxiliary cadet was killed in an ambush in county Cork in which eleven others were wounded.


The ambush, which obviously took the military by surprise, took place within half a mile of the military barracks, and bombs were thrown into the motor lorry in which the cadets were. The Cadet killed is F. S. X. Chapman of Westcliff-on-Sea, England. It is believed that the attacking party escaped without injury. The cadets were passing Dillon’s Cross, Cork City when they were suddenly attacked and bomb. The attack was over within seconds and the raiding party withdrew as soon as the bombs exploded. The members of the police party attended to their wounded comrades, but little could be done for Chapman who died the following day from wounds received. Several houses in the locality were damaged and as with other attacks, the inhabitants of the district spent the night in terror expecting. One civilian house was said to have been injured in the affray. Four men were subsequently arrested following a number of searches by the military. The casualties included Cadets M. C. Barrington, J. L. Emmanuel, DB C McMonagle, CM Cautley, EC Cumming, W Longhurst, A. Anderton, WM Moon, E Wells, and FH Milies. Another cadet, CA Worrall was slightly wounded. The attack on the Auxiliaries prompted the military to attack Cork City and a night off terror followed, the damage during which we have outlined in a separate post this month.


Source: Irish Independent 1905-current, Monday, December 13, 1920; Page: 5

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