Dr Lambert Parkwood House Bombed - 03.February.1920

Cork Examiner 07.February.1920  Bomb attack

Dr Lambert House Bomb Attack

After a month of intense IRA activity across the country, the War of Independence continued unabated in February 1920. Becoming more daring in the process, the IRA continued to target the RIC and their barracks. Elsewhere, local issues and tensions would also surface, and in some cases they become embroiled in the struggle for Independence. February 1920 would be a month of chaos across the country.

On Tuesday, 2nd of February 1920 the house of Dr. Lambert, Parkswood, was attacked with a number of bombs placed against the front of the house which exploded.

The explosions were said to have caused widespread panic in the locality. Luckily, the residents escaped harm but the front windows of the house were shattered. It was claimed that robbery was the motive of the attackers, although it was unclear if the IRA were responsible. A number of sporting guns were present in the house, which was located in an isolated part of the county, about a quarter of a mile from Passage East. Lambert was the only member of the family present on this occasion, while an aged housekeeper was said to have been severely shocked by the attack. Some sources regarded simply as an act of ‘wanton blackguardism’. The Lambert’s had been resident at Parkswood for many years and indeed as far back as 1851 members of the family had assisted people in emigrating to America during the Great Famine. While the attack on Lambert’s house shocked the county it was quickly overshadowed by the attack on the RIC barracks at Ardmore, county Waterford later that month. Here the IRA broke into Foley’s public house opposite the barracks and began their long ‘fusilade’. Mr & Mrs Foley were said to have been terrified by the ambush which lasted over two hours but it was reported that the IRA had not touched anything in the public house during their stay. 

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