Irish War of Independence - Incendiary Action - 30.June.1920


As the month of June wore on the British military resorted to targeting a number of types of premises connected to the Republican movement including newspaper offices and printing shops.


These included the offices of the Munster News, a Limerick based nationalist newspaper which was set on fire in the middle of the night. The editorial and commercial departments were entirely destroyed, while Miss Connellan, the sister of the proprietors and the only occupant of the premises was rescued after having her two arms fractured. They also done the same in Newcastle West in county Limerick where they wrecked the offices of the weekly Observer newspaper, which was Republican in tone. The military and police first visited the house of the newspapers editor, Dr Brouder, demanding that he be handed over to be shot. Learning that he was not at home they set fire to the house and then proceeded to the newspaper offices where they did the same, this time using incendiary bombs. Damage of over £3,000 was done. Perhaps the Irish Newspaper Archive collection would have been larger but for the actions of the ‘Black and Tans’ in Limerick in June 1920!


Source: Irish Bulletin, 30th June 1920, page 1/2


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