Irishmen At The Front Irish Independent 10.February.1916

IRISH AT THE FRONT Irish Independent 10.February.1916
Mr Redmond pays our Irish troops on the front line a fine tribute.
"It is these soldiers of ours, with their astonishing courage and their beautiful faith, with their natural military genius, with their tenderness as wall as strength, carrying their green flags and their Irish war pipes, advancing to the charge their fearless officers at their head, and followed by their beloved chaplains, as great hearted as themselves, bring with them a quality all their own to the sordid modern battlefield, exhibiting the character of the Irishman at its noblest and greatest - it is these soldiers of ours to whose keeping the cause of Ireland has passed today."
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Royal Irish Rifles Somme INA Royal Irish Rifles Somme INA at the battle of Somme

Irish At The Front Article 10.02.1916 Download ME! Irish At The Front Article 10.02.1916

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