Major John McBride Executed 05.May.1916 Evening Herald

Major John McBride Executed 100 years ago

Evening Herald 05 May 1916 - Front Page News

Major John McBride Executed 05.May.1916 Evening Heraldn

Trials by courts martial of rebels proceeded yesterday, and thirty-six men were tried. Confirmation had only taken place In three cases, namely—those of


All three of these men were sentenced to death, but the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief commuted the death-sentence to penal servitude for life in the case of Hunter and Cosgrave.

The death sentence on John McBride was carried out this morning.

The following men were tried on the 2nd May:— -


These men were each sentenced to three years’ penal servitude and the sentence was confirmed by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.

Short Sketches of the Careers that have ended

" Major" J. McBride was well-known in Irish Political circles. He took a prominent part in the South African War on the side of the Boers. Later he married Miss Maud Gonne, and dwelt for a time in Paris. Some years ago he was divorced from that  lady, and thereafter he resided in Dublin where he held a position in the Corporation as water-bailiff

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Evening Herald Major McBride Executed

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Front page Evening Herald 1916, Friday, 05 May, 1916