On this Day through the Years

On this day through the years 19th - 24th January

On this day through the years is meant to help you discover interesting facts about events that have been reported in the Irish press or are just of general interest.

19th of January

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the opening of Dublin Airport! Read about the first flight in the Irish Press of 1940! http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=IPR%2F1940%2F01%2F18&id=Ar00330&sk=C34CBD04

Happy Birthday to Dolly Parton! The eight-time Grammy Award winner is 79 today!


20th of January

On this day in 1936, Edward the VIII becomes the King of the United Kingdom. He will abdicate on the 11th of December. Find out more about the reasons behind his decision at http://www.irishnewspaperarchives.com/

Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th American President on this day in 2009. He becomes the first African-American President of the United States. The Irish Independent covered the story very well:



21st of January

On This day in 1899, Opel manufactured its first car. Did you know that the first machine Opel produced was in fact a sewing machine?

21st of January is National Hug Day in the United States! We all get depressed in January, giving or receiving a hug today might help!


22nd of January

On this day in 1946, US president Truman established the Central Intelligence Group (CIG) in January 1946 This later became the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency.

34 years ago Rolling Stones Magazine published the last portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Annie Liebowitz had taken the photo of the two just 12 hours before Lennon’s death.on this day


23rd of January

It is now 32 years since The A-Team made its debut on TV! The series lasted five seasons and became a huge hit, making Mr. T a star.

On this day in 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell is granted a medical degree from Geneva College in New York, becoming the first female to be officially recognized as a physician in U.S. history.


24th of January

Today marks 50 years since the death of one of the world’s greatest politicians, Winston Churchill. Read about the reaction of the Irish politicians to Churchill’s death in the Irish Press http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=IPR%2F1965%2F01%2F25&id=Ar00119&sk=C97D7362


The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale on this day in 1984, following one of the best advertising campaigns of the decade. “You will see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”.




25th of January

91 years ago, the First Winter Olympics took place in Chamonix France. Of the nearly 300 athletes, only 13 were women, and they only competed in the figure-skating event.

Did you know that J.F. Kennedy held the first live television news conference, in 1961? Kennedy knew the power of mass media and used his charm, intelligence and strength to project a calm and open presidential image. The Irish Independent presented the subjects discussed: http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=IND%2F1961%2F01%2F26&id=Ar00322&sk=976054D0


26th of January

Happy National day to all our Australian friends! Australia was founded this day in 1788.

Today marks 70 years since the Soviet troops entered Auschwitz and freed the survivors of the concentration camps, in 1945. The Irish Examiner tells about the Soviet achievements during the war: http://archive.irishnewsarchive.com/olive/apa/ina/SharedView.Article.aspx?href=IEX%2F1945%2F01%2F25&id=Ar00228&sk=EE2884DB

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