Roger Casement Trial 17.May.1916 Irish Independent

Sir Roger Casement 's Trial Continues

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Sir Roger Casement Trial 17.05.1916

Extract The Evening Herald 17.May.1916 Front page.

The  third day of the trial of Sir Roger Casement and Daniel Julian Bailey on a charge of high. treason was opened this morning. The Court did not sit till half-past twelve, when every available seat was occupied. Public interest in the trial had not flagged in the least degree. _There were many fashionably-dressed ladies present, and _also several military officers. Sir John Dickinson entered the Court and accompanied on the Bench by a number of gentlemen. As Mr. Bodkin stated on behalf of the Crown yesterday, the case for the prosecution is expected to close today. Much interest had been created by the announcement that Mr. Artemus-Jones who appears for the prisoner, intended to raise a point of law upon evidence to be given by certain witnesses. Sir John Dickenson entered the Court and took his seat about twenty minute to one.

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