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  • Two Women Assaulted - Aug 1920

     Two Women Assaulted

    In early August 1920 the people of Navan assembled at the local court.

    Held in the town’s RIC barracks, to hear the case of two young men, James Dalton and Patrick Kane who it was alleged had presented revolvers, threatened and cut of the hair of two girls, Margaret Cooney and Bridget Faulkner.

    Soldiers it was alleged were present at the time of the assault, perhaps suggesting the reason why the girls were targeted in the first place. When they returned to the barracks and reported what had occurred a detachment of the military was sent out to apprehend the culprits but to no avail. During the search one soldier was accidentally shot in the foot. As the Irish War of Independence intensified the IRA prohibited this form of fraternising with the enemy, in particular soldiers, and anyone deemed to have broken that code was dealt with severely. The incident in question occurred on a Saturday evening and the following day there were skirmishes at the towns show grounds as a result of the assault. In the end the defendants were granted bail for £100 each and two sureties were given for them.


    Source: Leinster Leader 1881-1929, 07.08.1920, page 5

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