British Embassy Burned after Derry's Bloody Sunday killings

A wave of petrol bombings and burnings hit Dublin last night in reaction to the Derry's Bloody Sunday killing of 13 civilians.

News Pages from 02 February 1972

As the Irish Republic tries to come to terms with the death of 13 civilians in Derry's Bloody Sunday angry protests turn to violence.  Read the events from today 45 years ago and download 3 of the Nations Leading daily newspapers to view the reaction from Ireland  and the world to the shooting of 13 civilians. Download pages Below:

British Embassy on fire in Dublin February 1972

  Extract; Irish Press 02nd February 1972 -  A SMALL GELIGNITE BOMB was hurled from a group of demonstrators at the British Embassy in Merrion Square last night. A garda was injured in the blast, caused by an estimated five pounds of gelignite. A second bomb was believed to be in front of the building. There was traffic chaos when hundreds spilled on 4o Mount Street after the explosion.

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Irish Press 2 February 1972

Cork Examiner 2 February 1972

Irish Independent 2 FEBRUARY 1972 Dublin burning of British Embassy

Irish Independent 1905-current, Wednesday, February 02, 1972 pg 1


Irish Papers 02 February 1972 British Embassy Burns

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